Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school

...and I fought the tears. I knew Courtney would be a breeze and have no problem. But I was worried Darren would. Sure enough, he sat in his seat, said goodbye and that he loved me all with a smile. And as I walked away I looked back and he gave me one last look and a wave. What a brave little boy to go to school without the slightest need for his mommy.

My kids are growing way too fast.

I'm gonna blame the emotion due to the fact that I got maybe three hours of sleep last night. ;)


  1. Courtney's hair is beautiful and I cannot believe that that little baby boy is now all grown up in kindergarten! who are your teachers?

  2. It looks so cute on him! Hayden didn't used to like when I would tell him he's getting too big and it's time to pass along his clothes, but now that I've explained who is getting to wear them, he doesn't mind a bit. We've always got a "for Darren" pile somewhere :)

    I remember how nice it feels just to have one home - ENJOY YOUR TIME!!

  3. Courtney is so pretty! I love her hair. And I CANNOT BELIEVE Darren is in kindergarten!!! Crazy. He looks so handsome!