Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes hired help is really the best option

...since cutting down 6 mature trees isn't allowed nor in the budget anyway.

Our oak trees like to let their leaves fall one tree at a time. Which makes raking, in my opinion, a total joke until all the trees are bare. ;) Or maybe we procrastinate...call it what you want.

And since it's been a windy winter, all the leaves have become tucked under our bushes and difficult to get out. (But hey, the lawn looks pretty good!)

So when we were quoted $60 to get all the leaves removed and done before it started raining today, I found it a fair price considering the work I knew that had to be done (because I honestly thought the guy was gonna quote us $100 with the look on his face--ha!).

Here's photos of the damage. I counted 15 bags. I couldn't thank the hired help enough!

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