Sunday, May 6, 2012


There's something about mis-tints in the paint department that make me happy.

Maybe it's because it takes the guess work out of finding that "perfect" color because it limits your selection and you make yourself love it anyway.

Or maybe because you can get a gallon of paint for an insanely low price.

The only thing I overlooked...

Was that this paint is oil based.

Shucks. I don't like oil based paint. It takes (as it claims) 8-10 hours to dry. And the smell is so potent I nearly get lightheaded from it. Also it's a mess to clean up.

So I had no idea of what I would be doing with this paint as it sat untouched on my shelf.

Until I decided to paint the kitchen.

I thought about spray painting the faded and worn brass pulls. But why if I already had the paint to make these look as good as new? I decided to dip part of the pull in the paint to see how it worked (if the paint would adhere and stay that way). One thing I've found is that oil-based paint is terribly durable and will stick to just about anything...and a beast to remove from your skin if you don't have the proper thinner. ;)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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