Sunday, December 9, 2012

A rose and those darn leaves!

For a couple months my rose bush was dormant (and I honestly wondered if it would come back to life). How nice to see this pop of red in my yard. Like a little touch of heaven on earth. :)

Would you believe me if I said that just two days earlier I had raked up all the yard's leaves? And, as you can see in the background, they won't stop falling! Oh the joys of having so many tall trees to look after (while quietly wishing they were dead). Trees are a mature trees lining your small property, on the other hand, is something totally different.

But ya gotta get up and try, right? ;) ;)

Maybe the rosebush bloomed out of pity for me. Ha!

Regardless, this is my favorite season. And may it last long so I can continue to savor it. Even if it means endless hours of raking; I'll take it. <3

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  1. beautiful roses ;)