Saturday, December 1, 2012

Being sick is the pits.

We're all sick with the cold. But it seems I've been hit with it the hardest. I can chalk up my assumptions to being the sickest because of my stubborness to not get a sub to teach my early morning class, even when I literally didn't sleep the night before. I always end up going to bed late, not sleeping, and getting up at 4:30a. Really, the fault is all mine that it's been seven days and I'm not well rested and therefore, worse than I was.

But good friends look past all our stupidity, whining, complaining, and bring love. In this case, love came in tea; brought to me after a birthday party the kids were attending with simple instructions to take with honey and to get. some. rest. :)

Thanks Miss Andrea. You are simply amazing. <3

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